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Published:May 12th, 2016 16:00 EST

Bigfoot Visits UFO-crazy Town in New Mexico

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bigfoot exists and has left footprints to prove it, according to one resident of Dulce, a small town in New Mexico also ripe with claims of UFO sightings.

`I do believe there is a mystical creature out there that nobody knows about,` Tim Anderson told The Santa Fe New Mexican. `I believe there is something out there. One of these days, somebody will find something.`

Anderson made casts of what he claims are two separate Bigfoot footprints. He also spotted a UFO while working as a police officer in the 1990s.


It`s scary that a person who believes in Bigfoot and UFO`s was once a police officer. Police officers are often called to testify in court, how can a jury believe the testimony of someone who believes in flying saucers and Bigfoot?

Anderson has made casts of what he claims are two separate Bigfoot footprints, I`m waiting for him to make a cast of the anal probe that an alien inserted into his arse.

If you wish to preserve your sanity don`t move to Dulce, New Mexico, everyone there walks bowlegged because they are anal-probed by aliens every night.

The town is making a tidy profit from its reputation as a Mecca for flying saucers and Bigfoot, with a restaurant selling a "Sasquatch Burger," and a casino gift shop selling a T-shirt reading: I got probed at Dulce Base.

Enough UFO tomfoolery.

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