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Published:May 12th, 2016 16:24 EST

Pooch Runs Away to Doggie Daycare

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A dog in North Carolina is one determined pup. He took matters into his own paws and walked himself to doggie daycare.

The golden retriever`s owner left him in the backyard while she left to go on an errand, but when she came home, she discovered the dog named Riley popped the lock on the fence and walked more than a mile to his favorite spot.

Teresa McCarter, owner of Happy Dog daycare, told WBTV-TV, `Someone walked in the door and said there`s a dog sitting out here waiting to come in. He knows the way up here because they walk him all the time and he had just decided to put himself in daycare that day.`"


Riley is one smart and determined pooch, he popped the lock on his backyard fence and walked more than a mile to his favorite place, doggie daycare.

If I were Riley`s owner I would be impressed by his intelligence and initiative, but at the same time I would be a bit sad that he prefers doggie daycare over his home.

The owner of the daycare was so impressed by Riley`s adventure that she didn`t charge his owner for daycare for that day.

Moral of this story:

Put a padlock on your backyard gate.

Spoil your pooch and lavish him with attention so he won`t run away to doggie daycare.

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