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Published:May 13th, 2016 08:39 EST

Firefighters Rescue Woman Stuck in Tree

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police officers are sworn to serve and protect.  Sometimes that means they`re supposed to protect us from ourselves.

Officers with the Key West Police Department had probably thought they had seen it all... until they saw this.

The department received a call Tuesday morning to help a woman stuck in a tree that she attempted to climb.

Not `in` the tree like a cat on a branch.

But IN the tree."

ABC News

Cats are cute and cuddly but let`s face it they are as dumb as a rock, and their stupidity often leads them to ridiculous and dangerous predicaments.

Firefighters and first responders are used to getting calls about a cat stuck in a tree, but it`s not often that they respond to a call about a grown-as* woman getting stuck in a tree.

This woman, a local no less, was stuck inside the branches of a giant banyan tree, the first responders should have left here in the tree until she lost enough weight to extricate herself.

Moral of this story: Climbing tress is best left to monkeys and cats

Pic of stupid woman stuck in tree: