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Published:May 19th, 2016 17:18 EST

Holy Crap! Poop Stain in the Shape of a Cross Appears in Baby's Diaper

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman in Florida believes God has sent a message to her in a place she was sure to see it her baby`s poopy diaper.

Katy Vasquez of Winter Park, says she was changing her son`s diaper on Monday when she noticed something strange: a poop stain in the shape of a cross.
`It might not be the prettiest sign, but he put it where he knew I`d see it,` she wrote on Facebook. `Hard to miss what`s right there in front of you.`

As stinky as the diaper was, Vasquez has faith it`s a sign of better things ahead.

`I prayed to God for a sign that everything would be okay because we`ve been financially struggling,` she told HuffPost."

Huffington Post

Before you reprobates and cynics poo poo this faithful woman`s account as so much crap, remember that God works in mysterious ways: To some he speaks through a burning bush, to others he uses a baby`s soiled diapers to deliver a message of hope.

Katy was in dire financial straits, so she turned to the Lord, and behold He caused her baby to shi* a gold brick, or the next best thing to it. You can sell a diaper with a poop stain in the shape of a cross for thousands on eBay.

Katy needs to monetize her good fortune and  hit the Christian talk show circuit. This soiled diaper may be lead to thousands, if not millions of morons turning to Jesus.

You may be thinking "Holy Crap!" Robert, why are you being so sacrilegious, I guess this soiled diaper with a sh*t stain in the sign of the cross was the last straw. I`m freaking tired of the image of Jesus appearing on everything from a slice of toast to a tree to a window.

Any believer who needs a miracle or a wonder to validate his faith, has a faith that isn`t worth crap. 

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