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Published:May 21st, 2016 11:53 EST

Toothbrush Allows Morons to Stream Video From Inside Their Mouths

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Seattle based company announced the launch of a hi-tech toothbrush that lets users stream video from inside their mouths.

Prophix, the video toothbrush created by Dr. Craig S. Kohler, uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to send video from the inside of the user`s mouth to a smart phone.

The toothbrush also works with a companion app that allows users to watch the video feed and track the progress of their oral health."


This is the perfect hi-tech gadget for today`s self-centered generation. Young people litter cyberspace with pics of themselves performing all sorts of mundane tasks: Brushing their hair, eating breakfast,  playing with the cat ...

I guess YouTube is now going to be flooded with videos of wankers brushing their teeth. The only video I want to see is a video of a baby black hole swallowing this miserable and wretched world.

The price of vanity isn`t cheap, the fancy toothbrush will be sold at retail for $399 in 2017.

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