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Published:May 25th, 2016 15:47 EST

Amy Schumer, A Fat Lady With an Attitude Ain't Very Funny! Lose the Blubber and the Atitude!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amy Schumer is letting body shamers know she`s happy with the way she looks.

The 34-year-old Inside Amy Schumer star praised her body as strong and healthy in an Instagram post Tuesday after social media users criticized recent photos of her in a swimsuit.

`I hope you find some joy in your lives today in a human interaction and not just in writing unkind things to a stranger you`ve never met who triggers something in you that makes you feel powerless and alone,` Schumer wrote."


Amy Schumer is ill-suited to be a comic, first of all she`s female, and funny female comics are few and far between. In the second place she has a thin-skin -- successful stand-up comics have skin as thick as leather. Comics need a thick skin to overcome hecklers, critics, and folks who just don`t think they are very funny.

Amy Schumer resembles a fat pig, but that`s OK she can use her porcine figure as fodder for self-deprecating jokes.

Schumer is living in denial, she actually thinks she looks sexy in a bikini. If you are in danger of being mistaken for a whale and harpooned at the beach, you are too fat to wear a bikini.

As a celebrity Schumer is well aware that the paparazzi are always seeking to snap pics of her, it`s incumbent on her never to wear a bikini, there is already too much ugliness in the world.

Schumer should publicly thank me for speaking truth to power and calling her a fat pig.

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