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Published:May 25th, 2016 16:09 EST

Meet the Happiest Wolfdog in the World: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After being found abandoned in the wild, a wolfdog with a reputation for being antisocial bonded with a woman over a belly rub.

YouTube user Sarah and the Wolves shared a video of her petting the wolf named Lakomi, who appeared to smile while allowing Sarah to rub her belly.

Sarah explained that Lakomi had been found in the wild at eight months old before rescuers discovered a harness around her neck, which indicated she had been raised in captivity at some point."


Wolves tend to strike fear in the hearts of men, but this wolfdog is more dog than wolf -- she`s just a loveable furball who likes nothing more than a belly rub.

Lakomi looks deliriously happy as a woman rubs her belly, I wish it were that easy and simple to make a person happy.

Lakomi is currently living in an animal sanctuary, I hope that one of the sanctuary workers will adopt her, she deserves a forever home.

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