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Published:May 27th, 2016 20:55 EST

Holy Cow: Two-headed Calf Brings Tourists to Indian Village

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A two-headed calf born this month in India is doing well and repeatedly bringing a flood of tourists to the town where it was born.


The calf, born May 7 in Pratappur, Rajashthan state, has two heads, four eyes and two tongues and its owner said it has been feeding well from its mother."


In a country where cows are considered sacred, and many Hindi deities have several arms and heads, this two-headed calf is destined to be a cash cow.

Tourists and true believers are already flocking to the small town to pay homage to the freakish cow.

As an American I guess I shouldn`t have such a condescending attitude, after all in this secular democracy there are thousands who venerate a slice of toast or a window with an image of Jesus.

There`s a sucker born every second in India as well as America.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia