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Published:May 27th, 2016 17:49 EST

Meth Head Told Loan Officer He Needed Cash to Buy Meth

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man busted on drug charges in South Carolina allegedly told a loan office worker that he needed some money to purchase meth.


report from the Spartanburg Public Safety Department states Grady Carson, 58, attempted to secure a loan against his car Wednesday at a Carolina Title Loans office, which offers fast cash loans at interest rates beginning at 94 percent.

The clerk faxed a message to her manager, who was in another office, asking for help and the manager summoned police to the store, the report said.

Police arrived and searched Carson, who was found to be in possession of a glass container with an off white rock-like substance inside."


This story is simply outrageous and unbelievable, Title loan and payday loan sharks that charge 94 percent interest should be banned. How can a civilized society allow these predators to prey on the poor?

As far as a meth head admitting to a loan office worker that he needed money to purchase meth, there`s nothing unbelievable about that scenario. A meth head will lose brain cells even faster than he loses his teeth.

Carson was booked on a count of first degree possession of meth/crack cocaine less than 1 gram.

The owner of the title loan company should be sharing a jail cell with him.

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