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Published:May 27th, 2016 09:28 EST

The Most Racist Commercial in History of Television: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

The word "racist" is so overused that it has lost almost all meaning.

But this detergent commercial from China is a textbook example of racism, even Paula Deen would agree that it`s blatantly racist.

In the ad for laundry detergent Qiaobi, a young attractive Chinese woman is loading her washing machine, when a young black man splattered in paint whistles at her from across the room.

Are there any black men in China? I guess if there are they`re all manual laborers like this painter.

She beckons him over, and the two appear on the verge of kissing, but instead she grabs the man, stuffs detergent in his mouth, and stuffs him completely inside and sits on top of the machine as it rotates.

When the load is done, the young woman smiles as she lifts the lid and a clean Chinese man emerges from the machine.

The not so subliminal message is that black skin is synonymous with dirty, and that light skin is superior to dark skin.

Shame on the laundry detergent Qiaobi for their racist commercial, shame on the Uncle Tom actor for appearing in the commercial, and shame on anybody who buys Qiaobi detergent.


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia