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Published:May 29th, 2016 09:50 EST

Cardboard Box Cat Furniture! Genius!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The cardboard box is a perplexing feat of wonder to cats. You could easily keep your fur baby entertained for hours with that collection of Amazon boxes growing in the corner of your kitchen and no matter how much money you spend on a well-made or elaborate piece of kitty furniture, they`re always going to prefer to play or snooze in a regular old cardboard box.

Bulgarian company Cacao Furniture knows this, and combines the best of both worlds, offering fun and creative cat shelters made from the feline`s favorite material."


In my lifetime I`ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, on beds and cat condos for my furry friends. When truth be told, they prefer to sleep and play in a simple cardboard box.

Unfortunately, I`m a very neat person and I don`t like cardboard boxes littering my house. But the Bulgarian company Cacao Furniture, in a classic example of thinking outside the box, is selling cardboard boxes for your kitty.

But these ain`t your grandpappy`s cardboard boxes, these cardboard masterpieces are beautifully crafted. Check out the well designed, Eco-friendly and creative furniture for your kitty at:

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