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Published:May 30th, 2016 11:33 EST

Evangelist Jan Crouch Near Death! May She Rot in Hell!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Christian faith-based Trinity Broadcasting Network says its co-founder Jan Crouch has suffered a life threatening stroke.

`Thank you for all your beautiful prayers as we continue to agree together for our precious mother, Jan Crouch,` TBN said in a Facebook post Sunday. `We feel the presence of Jesus comforting all of us in the midst of her life threatening stroke. Thank God for His incredible love and for all of you.`

A post from Saturday read: Thank you for joining your faith with us and agreeing for our precious mother, Jan Crouch as she receives comfort from Jesus and ministering angels from a life threatening stroke. Thank God WE are NEVER alone.

Crouch is 78. She founded the network with her late husband Paul in 1973."


My thoughts:

After a lifetime of fleecing the flock Jan Crouch has amassed a fortune, she owns several mansions, private jets, and a $100,000 air conditioned mobile home solely for her dogs.

Her monthly expenditures on makeup could feed a family of four for a year, homegirl wears more makeup than a $5 hooker.

Most of the donations to her ministry comes from true believers who have a hard time paying the rent on their dilapidated mobile homes.

I`m praying for Jan Crouch, I`m praying that Satan will finally claim her soul.

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