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Published:May 30th, 2016 11:07 EST

Kid, 7, Takes On Armed Robber

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As police look for the men responsible for robbing a Maryland Game Stop, a 7-year-old boy is being praised for his heroic attempt to stop it.

Two masked men with guns are seen storming the video game store, ordering the shoppers to go against the wall next to the counter, where two clerks are standing by. As they move passed the kid, he jumps into action and throws punches at one of the thieves, apparently with a video game in his hand.

However, the robber overpowers him and drags him behind counter. The duo proceeds to steal an undisclosed amount of money and personal belongings and flee, police said."


There was nothing heroic about the boy`s futile actions, failing away at the armed robber could have caused the thief to shoot someone.

This kid is so addicted to video games, that even in the midst of the robbery he wouldn`t let go of his video game.

The boy has a problem distinguishing between real life and a video game, his foolhardy action could have cost him his life.

Ten years from now I wouldn`t be surprised if he`s robbing liquor stores.

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