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Published:June 1st, 2016 15:22 EST

Tolly the Topiary Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

For years, digital artist Richard Saunders was inspired by his feline friend, Tolly.

After spotting a bush that looked like a sleeping cat, the artist from Stapleford, Hertfordshire started creating a series of stunning and surreal photographic montages based on his pet cat.

The pieces show a digitally enhanced version of Tolly peacefully lying among beautiful gardens and picturesque landscapes. His fur is replaced by leaves and grass - he is a Topiary Cat.

When Tolly died in February, Saunders was understandably distraught to have lost his best friend. But his cat`s memory lives on in his beautiful artwork, which has touched many hearts across the globe.

Huffington Post

When I read Stephen King`s "The Shining" the Overlook Hotel`s animal topiary gave me nightmares for weeks.

But these stunning photographs of a topiary cat don`t leave me with a feeling of dread, quite the opposite they lift my spirit.

I`m a cat lover, and I can`t get enough of cat videos and cat pics, but even someone who isn`t obsessed with feline will find Saunders` images breathtaking.

But I must admit that a young child might have nightmares about the gigantic Tolly stalking him after viewing these pics.

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