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Published:June 2nd, 2016 11:50 EST

Donald Trump Turns Obama into Stuttering Jackass

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The lame duck president went to Indiana today to hold a rally and trash-talk Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, it didn`t go as planned.

He turned into a stuttering mess."

Gateway Pun

Pundits, politicians and just plain folks incessantly proclaim Obama to be a gifted and eloquent speaker, when truth be told he`s a stuttering mess without his TelePrompTer.

It`s a racist stereotype that all black politicians are gifted orators; Obama may be professorial and didactic, but he`s not an inspiring or eloquent speaker. It`s the mainstream press, perhaps suffering from white guilt, that has painted the insufferable bore-in-chief as a motivational speaker.

Obama attempted to trash-talk Donald Trump, without mentioning him by name, but he turned into a stuttering fool. I don`t know what`s more alarming Hillary`s coughing fits or Obama`s stuttering breakdowns.

trumpIf Hillary is going to defeat Trump, she`s got to come up with better surrogates than the Alzheimer`s-impaired Bill Clinton and the stuttering Barack Obama.

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