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Published:June 3rd, 2016 21:04 EST

Kim Kardashian the Chicken Dead of Yeast Infection! Alas Kim Kardashian the Reality Star Still Alive!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The chicken actress Bette Midler jokingly named `Kim Kardashian` is dead of a yeast infection.


The actress-comedian has revealed that her chicken, named for the woman she often pokes fun at, recently keeled over from a yeast infection, US Weekly reported."


Bette Midler  and Kim Kardashian have been feuding on Twitter forever and a day. Like any normal, decent and upright person the Divine Miss M takes exception with the reality show star`s penchant for posting nude selfies on social media.

When Kim`s naked butt failed to break the Internet, she should have interpreted that as a divine sign to stop posting skanky pics online.

Alas the clueless bimbo continues to litter the Internet with her risqué images, but rest easy Midler will continue on her crusade to mock her until she turns over a new leaf. 

God only knows what kind of infernal yeast in festering in Kim`s nether regions, for the sake of humanity let`s hope and pray Kim Kardashian the Reality Star will soon meet the same fate as Kim Kardashian the chicken.

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