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Published:June 3rd, 2016 11:26 EST

The Crazy Bird Lady of Canada

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian costume designer shared video of her latest creation: a flower-and-cup-covered dress designed to feed hummingbirds.

The video, posted by Cary Campbell to her Paintertainment page on Facebook, shows the Whistler, British Columbia, designer`s dress surrounded by more than a dozen hummingbirds that periodically feed from the sugar water-filled flowers of the dress."


There is nothing to do in the frigid wasteland of Canada, but invent new names for snow, curse God for Justin Bieber, get drunk on Molson beer, contemplate suicide and create viral videos.

Cary may be an outcast in her town, but she`s a hit with the hummingbirds, more than 300 of the little birdies visit her home on a regular basis.

If your girlfriend is a cat lady, you can at least thank God she`s not a bird lady.

After watching this crazy bird lady`s video you may contemplate suicide or get drunk on Molson beer, but for what it`s worth here`s the link:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia