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Published:June 4th, 2016 20:43 EST

Meet the Cat Captain of a Russian Cruise Ship!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The very intelligent business people at VODOHOD River Cruises have hired two cats to oversee operations on their Nikolay Chernishevsky cruise ship. The ship cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg, traversing several rivers and the Baltic Canal " the journey sounds truly lovely and involves a pit stop at a "Blood Church.` Also two cats work on it!"


The Verge

You may think there`s nothing more adorable than a prostitute dressed in a sailor`s uniform consisting of a mini skirt, halter top and a jaunty sailor`s cap.

But you would be dead wrong; these two cats working in a Russian ship are the most adorable pussy cats I`ve seen in a long time. They are so precious dressed up as sailors, that you would be tempted to hug them to death.

These cats work for their keep, but their work consists simply of looking cute. They aren`t even required to kill any stowaway mice.

If you can bear the cuteness overload here`s a link to video and pics of the cool cats:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia