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Published:June 9th, 2016 10:29 EST

Crappy Thief Steals Town's Giant Inflatable Dog Dropping

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A town in Spain is facing an unexpected bill after thieves apparently made off with a giant dog dropping being used as part of a local campaign.

Torrelodones, a municipality just outside the capital Madrid, is 2,400 euros ($2,726; £1,885) out of pocket after the three-metre high inflatable bought as part of a campaign to encourage pet-lovers to pick up after their dogs went missing, El Pais newspaper reports.

The bizarre inflatable disappeared after it had been packed away in its carry-case and the police are now on the trail of the 30 kilogramme dog poop, town officials say"


I try to live my life according to the Golden Rule, and that means that whenever I take my pooch for a walk, I take my doggie pooper scooper with me. I don`t need to see a giant inflatable dog turd to remind me to be a responsible dog owner.

However some less responsible dog owners won`t pick up after their pets, unless an angry neighbor leaves dog droppings on their front door welcome mat, or if they are reminded to do the right thing by seeing a humongous inflatable dog excrement.

Unfortunately, the big inflatable dog feces was stolen, and I suspect the amount of dog sh** on the streets of this Spanish town will increase.

This is a crappy story all the way round, what is the world coming to when dog owners won`t clean up after their pets, and someone steals an inflatable dog dropping?

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