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Published:June 10th, 2016 12:25 EST

Turtle from Hell Torments Cute Kitty Cat: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Here`s a video featuring an orange tabby cat, a little doggie and a turtle, all isn`t lovey dovey in this home. It`s not that the cat and dog are at each others throats, it`s the turtle who is on a Mission from God to make the feline`s life miserable.

As the commercial opens the pooch is minding his own business and the cat is stretched out on the kitchen floor being petted by his owner, when the turtle repeatedly hits the cat with its head and shell.

The cat, clearly annoyed, moves a couple of feet away and flops down on the kitchen floor, only to be attacked by the turtle from hell again.

Everybody loves cats, even dogs seem to have conceded that cats rule, and they at least tolerate them, so why oh why is this turtle relentlessly and mercilessly attacking the hapless kitty?

The person filming this video laughs throughout, she seems content to watch her cat being tormented by the evil turtle. Dear God, there is no hope for this unfortunate pussy cat.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia