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Published:June 11th, 2016 17:05 EST

Japanese Massage Parlor Offers Option of Massage From a Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

Apparently this spa in Japan has harnessed the natural kneading skills of cats, to offer a back massage from a feline masseuse.


YouTube video description

In most big cities if you patronize a massage parlor the gorgeous masseuse will ask if you are interested in any "extras." All of these "extras" consist of sexual acts guaranteed to make you a satisfied customer.

But at this massage spa in cat-obsessed Japan, the massage add-on consists of cat massage.

I`m not going to spend good money on a cat massage in a massage parlor, my kitties give me all the massages I could possible want for free.

There`s nothing like a massage from a feline masseuse, it`s a purr-fect treat after a rough day.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia