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Published:June 11th, 2016 11:31 EST

Koala Strolls Down Sidewalk With Baby in Tow

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A driver in Australia captured video of a mother koala taking a casual stroll down a residential sidewalk while her joey clings to her back.

The video, captured by a driver in Adelaide, shows the unusual pedestrian taking a walk down a city sidewalk with her baby in tow."


Wildlife is always perilously close to suburban residents in Australia, an Aussie could be jogging in his neighborhood when suddenly a kickboxing fight breaks out between kangaroos, or a family could be sunbathing in the porch, when a dingo kidnaps their baby.

Here`s something you will never seen in New York City, a mother koala casually strolling down a residential sidewalk while her joey hitches a ride on her back.

You may see rats gnawing at a homeless person`s face or a stray dog biting a baby, but you ain`t gonna see a koala casually strolling down Fifth Avenue.

The only thing more adorable than a koala is a koala with her baby, enjoy:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia