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Published:June 11th, 2016 10:59 EST

Woman Claims to See UFO Hovering Over Detroit

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Detroit woman says everybody thinks she`s going crazy -- but she is standing by what she saw hovering above her home on the evening of Friday, June 3. 

Vanessa Oliver has video of what she claims to be a UFO above her Detroit home, near Gratiot Avenue and Van Dyke.


In the video, Oliver claims she has seen the same light in the sky several times before, but finally captured it on video. Oliver tells Local 4 the video didn`t do it justice; that she could see more detailed, colorful lights.

She captured the video around 9 p.m., on June 3, which shows the mysterious light floating, and moving around in the night sky."


There are almost no UFO sightings reported in Detroit for the simple reason that if you scan the skies searching for flying saucers, before you can say "crime-ridden city" you will be raped, mugged, and beaten to a bloody pulp.

There could be a UFO Mothership as big as a football field hovering over Detroit, and residents wouldn`t pay it any mind, the only thing on their mind would be making it to their vehicle before they are stabbed, shot or robbed.

People in da hood ain`t got time for UFO`s, only things they`re concerned about are paying the rent, recharging their Obama phones, and hiding their cars from the repo man.

Anybody in da hood who says he or she saw a UFO, is certifiably bonkers.  

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