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Published:June 12th, 2016 11:40 EST

News Anchor, Kyle Clark, Gives Heartfelt Apology To Dog He Saw In Hot Car

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Denver news anchor gave an impassioned account Thursday of what happened when he saw a dog sweltering in a car on a 90-degree day.

`I thought about putting a rock through someone`s car window today,` Kyle Clark of 9News said, describing finding a dog inside a parked car outside a frozen yogurt shop. The dog was crying in the heat so loudly, Clark said, that he could hear it across the parking lot.

He opted not to break the window, but when the driver hadn`t come outside 10 minutes later, he called Denver 311 for help, who put him on hold. When the driver came outside and the news anchor politely confronted the stranger, the person `blew him off` and even laughed about the situation, Clark said.

`So there`s an apology in order,` Clark said on air. `Not for you, no. For your dog. I am sorry that your dog does not have better humans`"

Huffington Post

Picture if you will the following scenario:

A man seeks refuge from the sweltering heat in a frozen yogurt shop, and while he is cooling off in the air-conditioned store enjoying a frozen yogurt treat, his pooch is crying inside his car, with the windows rolled up.

When the man strolls out of the store a concerned dog lover confronts him, and he just laughs about the situation. What would you do?

Beat the bastard to within an inch of his life?

Call the cops, after all leaving an animal in a hot car is a crime that can bring a fine of $999 or a year in jail?

Offer to buy the dog?

Well, if you are a local famous news anchor you shame the dog owner by apologizing on the air on behalf of human beings for the cruelty of this particular dog owner.

Bravo Kyle Clark! You are a gentleman, a scholar, a really cool news anchor and a dog lover!

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