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Published:June 12th, 2016 11:14 EST

Outrage: Adorable Pooch on Death Row

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Detroit dog is on death row " all because his adorable smile went viral.

Musician Dan Tillery adopted 2-year-old Diggy last week and snapped a photo announcing the adoption. It was shared on Facebook by Detroit Dog Rescue; it soon went viral, and was picked up by People and `Good Morning America.`
But when officials in Tillery`s home of Waterford Township, Mich., spotted the cute photo, they immediately sent police to Tillery`s home because Diggy appeared to be a pit bull. The town has an ordinance banning the breed."

New York Post

A cloud of malaise perpetually envelopes the crime-ridden city of Detroit, you`d think a  photo of a deliriously happy pooch would brighten everyone`s spirits.

But a Grinch who saw the pic of Diggy got his panties in a twist, because he mistakenly thought the pooch was a pit bull, and that breed is banned in Waterford Township.

The Grinch dispatched the cops came to the dog owner`s home and they gave him three days to get rid of his pet, or else the innocent animal would be euthanized.

The owner, Dan Tillery, has adoption papers from the City of Detroit Animal Control stating that Diggy is an American Bulldog, and not a pit bull. Hopefully common sense and decency will prevail and Dan will be allowed to keep his delightful dog.

I don`t understand why pit bulls are banned anyway, it`s irresponsible dog owners, not dogs who pose a threat to the public.

Pic of Diggy, I`m really digging this cute dog: