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Published:June 13th, 2016 12:07 EST

5-Yard Dash: Watch Lithuanian Baby Racing Contest

By Robert Paul Reyes

Lithuania`s 17th annual competition to find country`s fastest crawler. Mothers can entice them across the finish line with toys, food, and in the case of the winner, jangling key.

YouTube video description

I wonder if Lithuanian officials would allow a foreign entry: I can see Donald Trump wearing soiled adult diapers with his demonic baby hands reaching across the finish line.

Moms could entice their babies across the finish line with toys and food, you could entice the Donald with cold hard cash or a pornographic coloring book.

We could get rid of the obscene amount of money in politics by having Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump engage in an epic mile long crawl, first one across the finish line becomes President of the United States.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia