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Published:June 17th, 2016 11:30 EST

Perfect Visual Metaphor for Donald Trump: A Smudge

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A smudge.

The deepest, darkest smudge the world has ever laid eyes on is the smudge that comes when Photoshop`s blur tool meets a black-and-white photograph of Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump."

The Verge

This disturbing image is a fake artwork for rapper ScHoolboy`s upcoming album "Blank Face." If the album featured this demonic image when it hits the stores, it would need a parental advisory just for the artwork.

Rappers are maligned for their homophobic and misogynist lyrics, but they should be commended for their almost universal stand against Donald Trump.

What`s the perfect visual metaphor for Trump?

His wispy hair?

His demonic baby hands?

His pursed mouth that resembles a sphincter?

A pile of hot steaming dog crap?

I think the artist who created the fake album cover for
ScHoolboy has the right idea, Trump can best be represented by an unholy smudge.

Trump`s visage as depicted by the talented artist has blurry eyes. Eyes are the portal to the soul, if a human being looked at his eyes he might go insane.

Trump is a smudge on the political process and our democracy. Even if Trump loses, it will be a long time before we will be able to erase this smudge from our collective consciousness.

Trump doesn`t have a coherent political ideology, he is just a smudge of racism, vitriol and xenophobia.

I`m not a fan of hip hop, but I plan on listening to ScHoolboy`s new album, and hope and pray it wipes the execrable smudge from my mind. 

The ungodly smudge: