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Published:June 21st, 2016 17:50 EST

Horror Flick 'The Conjuring' Scares the Bejesus Out of Pooch

By Robert Paul Reyes

When I watch scary movies on Netflix my cats are my constant companions, they`re undisturbed by the terror unfolding on the screen, and their purring helps calm my nerves.

I would never invite my pooch, Mandy, to watch horror flicks with me, she would sense my fear, and it would rub off on her, and she would probably howl at the screen.

My cats aren`t very empathetic, they could care less how frightened I am, as long as I don`t suffer a heart attack. They need me around to feed them and to clean their litter box.

This pooch is watching the horror movie, "The Conjuring", and he reacts the same way I would, by hiding behind a pillow:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia