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Published:June 21st, 2016 18:10 EST

Pooch Addicted to Netflix: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Meet #Chiko the #shibainu who has a serious #Netflix  addiction: At only seven months old, Chiko the shiba inu has developed a serious addiction to watching Netflix. His owner Olesia Kuzmychova said that Chiko has loved watching TV since she first adopted him. Then the owner started leaving the TV on or set up a movie to stream on Netflix whenever she went out and left Chiko at home. The doggie can even be seen in photos sitting upright on a chair whenever it`s time to watch his shows.


Girlfriend kicked you to the curb?

Netflix and chill!

Got fired for watching porn on the job?

Netflix and chill!


No problem, even the homeless can Netflix and chill from their laptop!

My name is Robert and I have been addicted to Netflix for three years ...

But after reading about Chiko the pooch who is addicted to Netflix, I`m going to make sure that my pooch, Mandy, never sees me enter my Netflix password, it`s bad enough that one of us is addicted to the streaming service.

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