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Published:June 23rd, 2016 21:32 EST

Abomination: 150 Women Perform Synchronized Yoga

By Robert Paul Reyes

"More than 150 women gathered on a 2,200-foot-tall glass platform in China to perform a synchronized yoga routine. Video of Monday`s event, timed to coincide with the United Nations` International Yoga Day, shows the women wearing matching outfits while standing in formation on the platform."


One hundred fifty women performing a synchronized yoga routine is an abomination, I`m shocked the Almighty didn`t smite them with a colossal lightning bolt.

Yoga is an individual physical and spiritual exercise, with the intent of merging with the cosmic oneness, or some such malarkey.

To coordinate your yoga routine with others is sacrilege, the spirit doesn`t move in the same way and at the same pace with everyone.

Watch the video if you must, but first make a sign of the cross, light a candle, or do something spiritual first:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia