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Published:June 24th, 2016 21:16 EST

Catholic Priests in Montreal Banned From Being Alone With Children

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Catholic priests in Montreal will be banned from being alone with children to provide a `safety net` against allegations of abuse.


Archbishop Christian Lepine has issued a decree to implement the policy, which also covers lay workers and volunteers.

According to the decree, the move was to ensure the safety and integrity of the people to whom we bring the Gospel message and offer our pastoral care. But, it added, it was also to preserve the integrity, security and good reputation of God`s people."

The Guardian

Pope Francis had issued clear instructions that every Catholic diocese must take necessary measures to prevent the abuse of children, but he left it up to the discretion of each diocese on how to protect the children.

Every Catholic diocese should follow the example of Montreal, centuries of church history has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that priests have a high propensity of being pedophiles, and under no circumstances should they ever be left alone with vulnerable children.

In fact it`s incumbent upon parishioners to immediately remove a child who is alone with a priest, and to report that minister to his archbishop.

This no-nonsense policy will protect the children, and it will protect the priests as well, from false accusation.

Any priest who protests against this new policy should be summarily excommunicated.

I`m not a Catholic, but I`m damn tired of reading about pedophile priests. Enough is enough.

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