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Published:June 25th, 2016 20:53 EST

James Dobson Claims Donald Trump is a Born-Again Christian! Bullcrap!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Has Donald J. Trump become a born-again Christian?


That is the suggestion of James C. Dobson, one of America`s leading evangelicals, who said Mr. Trump had recently come `to accept a relationship with Christ` and was now "a baby Christian.`

Dr. Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family and one of the country`s most prominent social conservatives, gave his account at a meeting Mr. Trump had in New York on Tuesday with hundreds of Christian conservatives.

The New York Times

Donald Trump whose behavior and ideology represents the antithesis of Christian values was embraced by many evangelicals in the primaries.

This peculiarity illustrates that evangelicals aren`t a monolithic voting bloc motivated by divine principles, but a diverse body of believers motivated by pragmatic principles.

They realize that Trump is a vain blowhard, but his leadership qualities and bedrock belief in the exceptionalism of America trumps his vulgar persona.

James Dobson,  who has made a career railing against the Hollywood values that Trump embodies,  is now doing mental gymnastics to convince himself and his followers that the reality TV star has become a born-again Christian.

Forgive my un-Christian like response, but that`s total bullshi*. Jesus said that believers will be known by their fruits, the bitter fruits of Trump are racism, misogyny and vanity, not the Christ-like fruits of humility, love, and understanding.

Trump may have baby hands, and a baby-like understanding of foreign and domestic policy, but he`s no baby Christian, or any kind of Christian.  

When Trump apologizes to Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, Muslims and females for his contemptible statements, then I might believe that he has become a Christian.

But even Trump himself doesn`t have the audacity to pretend that he`s an evangelical Christian.

Fuc* Dobson, it`s bastards like him who turn away so many from evangelical Christianity.

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