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Published:June 25th, 2016 15:01 EST

World Gone Mad! Giant Rat Attacks Kitty Cat: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bizarre footage has emerged of a giant rat defying nature by attacking a feral street cat in China and refusing to release the feline`s head from its clutches.


Clamped onto the scruffy cat`s head, the tortured animal can be heard meowing in pain and a close up reveals a trickle of blood coming from a wound made by the rat`s sharp teeth."

Daily Mail

China is a hellhole where dogs are considered nothing more than dog meat, and where citizens laugh when a giant rodent from hell ferociously attacks a hapless cat.

In this disturbing video bystanders are heard laughing while this humongous rat has a kitty cat in a death grip.

Thank goodness we live in a democracy where we worship cats and pamper dogs, and rats have enough sense not to attack cats.

Link to hellish video: 

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia