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Published:June 27th, 2016 11:12 EST

Holy Bleep! Adele Swears Like a Sailor at Concert!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Adele brought down the house last night as she thrilled Glastonbury with an incredible performance on the Pyramid stage.

But it wasn`t just her vocal abilities that got people talking, the singer`s expletive laden set caused a storm on Twitter too as some criticised the star for swearing despite children being in the audience and watching at home.

`Adele please stop swearing, there are children watching, as you very well know coz you just brought one on stage! Glastonbury ` one pleaded."


I`ve never attended an Adele concert, but when I listen to her CD`s her angelic voice transports me to paradise. Adele is the Savior of pop music, and she is on a divine mission to save the world with the healing power of her music.

But the British songbird has a notorious potty mouth, and every sentence she utters contains a noun, a verb, and an expletive.

Adele needs her fat mouth to be washed with soap, many parents take their children with them to her concerts and she`s setting a bad example.

Girlfriend please clean up your fuc*** act, hundreds of mother fuc**** brats attend your damn concerts.

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