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Published:June 27th, 2016 10:53 EST

Ronald McDonald Shot Outside Sonic

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man named Ronald McDonald was shot outside of a Sonic restaurant in Lumberton, North Carolina last week.

McDonald, 36, was shot with a non-life threatening injury, according to a statement released by the Lumberton Police Department.  He apparently got into an argument with another man outside the fast food joint and they exchanged gunfire.

McDonald is married to one of the restaurant manager."

Fox 5

I`m grateful my parents gave me a strong generic name "Robert", although they were negligent in failing to bestow upon me a middle name. But I rectified that sin of omission, and I christened myself "Robert Paul Reyes" when I was still in high school.

What type of clowns would name their offspring "Ronald McDonald", thereby sentencing him to a lifetime of ridicule?

When you`re named "Ronald McDonald" things aren`t going to end well, this joker exchanged gunfire with another low-life vermin outside of a Sonic fast food joint.

Ronald McDonald is now the butt of jokes all over the world, and you can bet that his fellow jailbirds are going to be playing "Poke the clown in the butt."

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