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Published:June 28th, 2016 16:14 EST

Police Are People

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Ohio police officer was filmed by a resident rescuing a baby deer that passed out from exhaustion in the middle of a road. Rebecca Wagner said in a Facebook post the fawn apparently collapsed in the middle of a Columbus street after it became disoriented while following its mother across the road."


When a police officer is caught on video shooting a perp, regardless if the shooting was justified or not, it goes viral, and the hapless cop is drowned in a tide of online vitriol.

Every profession has its bad apples, and when a cop goes rogue and it`s captured on video, that one bad cop isn`t representative of police officers in general.

It ain`t easy out there for a cop, and they deserve our gratitude and praise, here`s a video of a cop doing the right thing by rescuing a fawn that collapsed in the middle of a road.

copThis video captures the spirit of the average cop as he protects and serves his community, which includes our animal friends:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia