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Published:June 29th, 2016 15:22 EST

Geezer, 80, Kills Friend, 81, Over Unpaid Church Loan

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The murder of an 81-year-old man in a Rhode Island cemetery by an 80-year-old acquaintance stemmed from an unpaid church loan, authorities say.

Edward Acquisto, who gunned down John Cloud on June 13, had taken out a significant loan in 2011 from a church in Massachusetts, according to The Newport Daily News.

Cloud had met Acquisto in Pocasset Hill Cemetery to discuss the debt, and Acquisto shot him to death. Acquisto was later shot dead by cops after he fled to a residential neighborhood."

New York Daily News

My thoughts on this peculiar story:

You don`t lend a significant amount of money to an octogenarian, he`s liable to die any day and you`ll never see your money again.

Why is a church is the money-lending business? If a parishioner is in need of money, after he`s properly vetted, the church should give him the money.

Any story that ends with two octogenarians dead is hardly tragic, good riddance to both of them.

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