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Published:June 30th, 2016 13:04 EST

Shocking New Poll: Donald Trump Has Only 1% of Support From Black Voters

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Republican nominee Donald Trump has 1% (yes, out of 100%) of support from black voters, finds a new Quinnipiac poll.

By comparison, 91% of black voters backed presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The poll showed Clinton leading with 42 percentage points over Trump`s 40 overall, and qualified that these returns were too close to call.

Republican nominees traditionally have not won the majority of support from African American voters, but they`ve done better than Trump is polling now: Mitt Romney won 6% of the black vote in 2012, John McCain won 4% in 2008, and George W. Bush won 11% in 2004."


Republican presidential candidates write off the black vote, they make only a token effort to appeal to them. By making an outreach to the African American community, Republicans don`t think they can siphon a significant number of blacks from the Democratic candidate -- they simply want to avoid appearing racist.

The Democrats could elect a cardboard cutout as their nominee for president, and he would win 90% of the black vote against any Republican challenger.

It`s comes as no surprise that Donald Trump, who is a blatant racist, has only 1% support from black voters. I can only surmise that the 1% of black voters who support Trump are deaf, dumb, and blind.

Trump does only marginally better with Hispanics, Asians and women of every race. You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a mathematician to deduce that the math doesn`t look good for Trump.

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