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Published:July 1st, 2016 11:06 EST

Should You Let Your Pooch Lick Your Face?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Dr. John Oxford, an award-winning professor of virology and bacteriology at Queen Mary University of London, recently told The Hippocratic Post that letting your dog lick your face could be dangerous to your health.

Dogs` mouths can carry harmful bacteria like salmonella and campylobacter " two bacteria that end up on dogs` faces when they sniff another pup`s droppings " and give a human a gnarly case of all that usually goes along with food poisoning, including nausea, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and well, you get it.

In addition, canine mouths can also pass along diseases like ringworm and other fungal infections, which can cause a host of other issues. In rare but serious cases, people can even contract toxocariasis, a parasite that can potentially cause blindness."


When I come home after a long day at work interacting with conniving, deceitful and backstabbing human beings nothing lifts my spirits like my beloved pooch, Mandy, licking my face.

But killjoy scientists are warning that dog`s mouths carry all sorts of bacteria like salmonella and can pass along diseases like ringworm.

My pooches have licked my face for the last couple of decades, and they haven`t passed on so much as a cold. The psychological benefits of a canine`s kiss far outweigh the possible physical risks.

Just about every activity under the son  poses some kind of risk, should we just stay in bed all day long? If you kiss a woman, or God forbid make love to her, you run the risk of getting AIDS, herpes, and a thousand and one other diseases.

If we allow fear to rule us, we would go extinct as a species. Fight egghead scientists and let your doggie kiss you today!

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