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Published:July 2nd, 2016 11:05 EST

Watch: Vehicle Drives in Reverse at High Speed on Chinese Highway

By Robert Paul Reyes

The driver of the backward vehicle skillfully changes lanes, passes other vehicles and goes around curves in reverse.

YouTube video description

A driver on a stretch of highway in the Chinese capital captured footage of another vehicle traveling down the road at a high speed -- in reverse.

Three things:

Number one: Everybody knows that Chinese are lousy drivers, so why the hell is a Chinese driver distracting himself by videotaping another vehicle?

Number two: The driver of the vehicle going in reverse is very skillful, if the cops want to catch him they can rule out the billion Chinese drivers, obviously he`s a foreigner.

Number three: Why would anyone drive in reverse on a highway?

I don`t know what I find more disturbing: A fool driving backwards on a busy highway or a nation of one billion Asian drivers.


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia