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Published:July 3rd, 2016 09:19 EST

Anti-Trump Merchandise Flying Off The Shelves

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Donald Trump built an empire selling real estate, steaks, alcohol, reality TV, and clothing--and now a few opportunistic merchants are using his fiery 2016 presidential campaign to make their fortune.

Over the course of Trump`s campaign more and more anti-Trump merchandise has popped up for sale.

There is an `Adolf Trump` shirt being sold that depicts Trump as the Nazi leader along with the slogan: Make America Hate Again.

There are even anti-Trump infant bodysuit`s displaying the phrase: I Made a Big Trump in My Diaper."


Donald Trump is a very polarizing candidate, his followers would take a bullet for him, and his critics loathe and fear him with a passion.

Trump`s detractors aren`t content with supporting Hillary or a 3rd party candidate, they feel motivated to advertise their disgust with the blowhard billionaire.

If you hate The Donald and want the entire world to know it, there are many anti-Trump items available online.

I`ve written dozens of articles condemning Trump, and I`ve plastered my Facebook page with anti-Trump memes, but I need to do more to express the loathing I feel for the man. I`m going to do some online shopping, should I buy the T-shirt that depicts Trump as the repulsive Pepe the Frog, or slap a "Make America Mexico Again" bumper sticker on my car?

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