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Published:July 3rd, 2016 10:11 EST

Cat and Bear BFF: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A feral cat and a black bear at a zoo in California have formed an unlikely and adorable bond.

The two furry black mammals have become inseparable at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary after the cat moved in. Zookeepers even nicknamed the cat `Little Bear,` because of how she trails behind the 550-pound bear, Sequoia.

Zoo officials said the feral cat showed up at the zoo a few years ago and set up her residency with the black bears, Sequoia and Tahoe. The cat took a special liking to Sequoia, they said."


Cats are cute and cuddly and bears are ferocious and frightening, you wouldn`t expect a feline and a bear to become BFF.

Cat lovers make sure that their furry friends never come in contact with bears, but a feral cat started visiting the bear enclosure at a zoo sanctuary and he struck up a friendship with a giant bear.

The cat named "Little Bear" by the zookeepers and Sequoia the Bear are now inseparable buddies. Enjoy this delightful video:

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