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Published:July 7th, 2016 11:17 EST

Outrage: Bernie Sanders Booed By Members of His Own Party

By Robert Paul Reyes

"House Democrats booed Bernie Sanders during a closed meeting Wednesday.

The Los Angeles Times reports the lawmakers shouted `Timeline! Timeline!` at Sanders, demanding to know when he plans to bow out of the presidential race and endorse his rival, Hillary Clinton.

Sanders said the goal should be less about winning elections and more about changing the country.

Some Democrats were pressuring Sanders to drop out even before Clinton officially secured the party`s nomination in the beginning of June."


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most despised and distrusted candidates ever to square off in the general election.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand is admired and respected even by conservatives who consider his socialist ideology anathema.

Sanders ran a disciplined and civilized campaign based on issues, not on personal attacks. Sanders even refrained from attacking Hillary on the email scandal -- he wanted the media and the public`s attention focused on income inequality, universal health care, climate change, free college tuition and racial inequality.

When Sanders returned to the Senate he should have been welcomed back as a hero who championed the concerns of the poor and working class.

instead in a closed door meeting House democrats heaped disdain and contempt on the only candidate, Republican or Democrat, who had the interest of the people at heart.

There are rumors that Sanders will formally endorse Hillary in a matter of days, I hope the Vermont senator will stick to his vow to continue his campaign up to the Democratic National Convention at the end of July.

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