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Published:July 9th, 2016 12:56 EST

Baby Looks Just Like Her Cabbage Patch Kid: Pure Evil!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Dolls in general and Cabbage Patch Dolls in particular give me the heebie-jeebies -- my theological opinion is that demons find a Cabbage Patch Doll a more suitable host than a serial killer or a terrorist.

These manifestly evil dolls have wide open eyes that never shut, when you are  dreaming of sugar and spice and everything that`s nice, they are staring at you thinking malevolent thoughts.

Their arms are perpetually spread wide open, and if they ever close it won`t be in an embrace, but a choke hold.

If you clink the link at the bottom of this page you will behold a toddler with her mini-me Cabbage Patch Kid, before you click remember that what`s seen cannot be unseen.

This photo is a representation of pure undiluted evil, and an omen that the End is Near. God help us, Dear Holy God help us!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia