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Published:July 10th, 2016 13:20 EST

Cat Tries to Escape in a UPS Truck

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`A cat hopped into a UPS truck for a joyride, never to be seen again` would`ve been the lead of this story if this was 1985.

Penny the cat could`ve been lost forever. But this is 2016, so the cat`s owner Margaret managed to track her kitty down using modern technology "an app called Whistle. After she noticed it missing and checked its location, Margaret realized it was probably inside a moving vehicle. She found the driver but had no luck finding the cat.

Margaret was about to set out to track down the driver once more, when she realized Penny`s signal was heading in the direction of home. Soon after, the UPS truck appeared with Penny inside. The driver explained she found the cat stuck in a box, where she was unable to claw out."


Why would a pampered cat run away from home by hitching a ride on a UPS truck? Think about it, what do cats love more than anything in the world? Boxes! A truck full of boxes is paradise for a curious feline.

This story has a happy ending because Penny the Cat was wearing a GPS tracking device, but you don`t need a GPS device to keep track of your kitty if you keep her indoors.

My advice for Margaret would be to keep her pet indoors, there are too many dangers outdoors for cats. But if Margaret is determined to let Penny roam outside, at least she should buy a lot of boxes so her kitty won`t be tempted to run away with the UPS driver again.

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