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Published:July 10th, 2016 17:30 EST

Donald Trump Wants to Win, But Does He Want to Serve?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump isn`t a complicated man, he loves to win, and he hates losing. He likes to surround himself with winners, and he hates losers. Just ask Sen. John McCain, Trump considers him a loser because he was captured by the North Vietnamese.


Political ideology didn`t propel Trump into the presidential race; he has the core convictions of a toddler: He wants whatever makes him happy, be it hot women, cool cars, towering buildings or sitting in the Oval Office.

Trump wants to win the biggest prize in the world: The presidency of the United States. The narcissist probably hasn`t given any thought as to what he will do if he actually wins.

If Trump wins I wouldn`t be surprised if he serves for a few months, to give him a chance to enjoy all the fringe benefits of being the Leader of the Free World, and then resigns.

When a New York Times reporter asked Trump if he won the presidency would he consider resigning as the ultimate winner, he responded: I`ll let you know how I feel about it after it happens

Let`s pray and hope that Trump selects a Vice President who is qualified, and has the gravitas and experience to be president. 

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