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Published:July 11th, 2016 10:35 EST

Bernie Sanders Sells Out, Will Endorse Hillary Clinton! Sad Day in American Politics!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bernie Sanders got what he wanted here this weekend: A Democratic platform stamped in section after section by his progressive values.

Hillary Clinton got what she wanted, too: A path to bring Sanders` supporters fully into the fold a week before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

After two days of marathon negotiations and deals on issues like the minimum wage, energy and health care, the party`s platform committee approved a final draft in the wee Sunday morning hours."


The Democratic platform might as well be written on toilet paper, it doesn`t mean sh**! Hillary Clinton isn`t legally bound to adhere to any of the provisions of the platform.

The approval of a platform that included many of the issues that Sanders campaigned on was a face-saving way for the Vermont senator to concede defeat and join the Hillary team.

Bernie will now join Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail on Tuesday, when he will most likely endorse her. So this is how Sanders` revolution ends not loud cheers of victory, but with the whimper of defeat.

Bernie your revolution was bigger than you, you have disappointed and betrayed millions of your young, naive and enthusiastic followers.

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