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Published:July 11th, 2016 11:04 EST

Iconic Photo From the Protests in Baton Rouge

By Robert Paul Reyes

We`ve seen dozens of photographs depicting the protests that have taken place in cities across this country after the fatal shooting of black men by police officers.

The images chronicle the rage of the protestors, and the apprehension of the police as they protect the demonstrators` right to free speech and attempt to rein in the few troublemakers.

But one photo in particular has garnered a lot of attention, it depicts a solitary black woman facing down a battalion of officers.

The woman isn`t wearing the usual garb favored by protestors: A T-shirt with a political slogan, and jeans. This beautiful black woman is wearing a flowing dress, as she stands, refusing to budge.

It`s quite a juxtaposition, the elegant lady facing off against police officers looking like robots in their helmets and head-to toe armor.

This yet-to-be identified black princess symbolizes our battle against the police state, and the oppression of minorities.

The pic everybody is talking about:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia