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Published:July 17th, 2016 11:09 EST

The Donald Trump Mike Pence Logo

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Donald Trump officially introduced his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, on Saturday and also unveiled a new joint campaign logo "different from the original that was swiftly mocked across social media on Friday.

The original logo appeared in an email sent by Trump`s Make America Great Again Committee, the joint fundraising committee between the campaign and the Republican National Committee, according to Politico.

It featured an interlocking T and P, representing their last names, but many found the insignia to be sexually suggestive."


Donald Trump is loud, vulgar and brash and Gov. Mike Pence is quite, deliberate and reserved, and the original Trump-Pence logo was perfect.

Let`s examine the controversial logo:

The letter T which could stand for "Trump" or "Top" is penetrating the letter P which could stand for "Pence" or "Puss*." We all know who the top is in this relationship, and if Trump becomes president it won`t be just Pence who will be screwed, the entire nation will get a royal screwing.

The word "Trump" is larger than the word "Pence", and if Trump wins it`s going to be all about Trump, expect the White House to have a huge neon "Trump" sign, and Trump`s agenda will be whatever benefits the Trump brand.

The logo contains the phrase "Make America Great Again", but in small type compared to the words Trump and Pence. Trump could care less about America, his presidential campaign is all about making Trump great again.

It`s not just the Trump logo that needs to be ditched, America should kick Trump to the gutter -- where  he belongs.

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