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Published:July 18th, 2016 21:38 EST

Hot Mess Paula White is Donald Trump's Liaison to Evangelical Community

By Robert Paul Reyes

Evangelist Paula White, 59, is a hot bitch. Normally, when assessing spiritual leaders, be they male or female, their physical assets don`t come to mind, but White who has a penchant for wearing form-fitting dresses doesn`t exude a spiritual vibe.


White`s professional life is an unholy mess: She`s been investigated by the IRS countless times and she`s filed for bankruptcy.

Her personal life is an even bigger mess, she`s been married three times, and her current hubby is a member of the rock band Journey.

Jesus Christ may have ministered to social outcasts: Tax collectors, prostitutes and Samaritans. But Pastor White hobnobs with the likes of the Obamas and Oprah Winfrey.

Paula White isn`t respected within the mainstream evangelical movement, she`s perceived as a hot mess.

Paula White is Donald Trump`s spiritual adviser and liaison to the evangelical community. You were expecting someone like Mother Teresa? Get real!

White has been entrusted with the task of persuading evangelical leaders to get onboard the Trump Train.

True evangelicals will be more likely to ride a ho train than jump onboard the Trump train. But the more pragmatic evangelicals will vote for Trump -- when the alternative is Clinton. But hiring White as an outreach to the evangelical community isn`t going to increase those numbers. 

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